Summer Cat&People Activities?

My cousin, Tavia (14) is coming to my Grandma’s house for the summer (she lives pretty far away) (she has been for several years). I have a kitten at my house for her (which she doesn’t know about yet, and no it is not a surprise pet that she has to take home).

I need to know what kind of activities that Tavia, my sister (9), the kitten, and I (13) can do together.

The kitten is leash trained, loves people, and likes going places. I already figured out that we could go to a park a few blocks from my house. But, what other things could we do? Just general ideas…

Edit: I have a little travel bag that has cat food, water, toys, and some other little cat supplies (including a pop-up kennel)

Thanks for your help~
o ya, there is a PetCo where I live.

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  1. crazycatlady Says:

    maqybe go on a little girls gettaway for the day omg that rymed ….. go for a walk and just spend time with eachother you cant really do too much with a cat

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