Might get another cat, need some help!?

I’m 13 years old and a real animal lover. I enjoy researching animals immensely and have 2 hamster, 2 cats, and a yorkie of my own.( All but my yorkie was adopted from shelters or rescues, even the hamsters) Despite my age, I’m actually very mature and responsible. I am the soul caretaker of my 2 hamsters and love to spoil my family cats. My yorkie is my father’s dog which I don’t have much influence over since my parents are divorced. Even so, before we got our puppy I made an entire booklet of research I had read as a guideline for the rest of my family. I actually did the same thing for the hamsters to convince my mom to allow me to get them. Long story short, I won’t just lose interest in the animal I get because of my age. The only pets I didn’t research before I got were my first 2 cats that I got around the age of 7. I basically just followed whatever my mom did but now that I’m old enough to research the ideal care for them, I change small things to make their lives better.( Not that they were bad to start with) Recently one of my first cats Oreo passed away in February leaving me with his adopted brother Tiger (who was my other first cat) and my female cat Carly who was adopted for me 2 1/2 years ago. I love them both dearly but now that I experienced the benefit of research I would love to get another cat and start off the right way. Please tell me as much helpful information you can about cats. Websites, the best supplies, facts vs. false, best toys, forums, etc. Anything that would help is appreciated!

Thanks for the help!

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    1. Lo123 Says:

      although raising kittens is sort of a handbook thing it isn’t entirely and the best thing you can do for it is love it! as cheesy as it sounds(: since you have cats you already have experience and assuming you cats are aren’t aggressive badly behaved cats your experience should follow through towards the kitten.
      but this is my advice: make sure your kitten is taken to the vet and gets all necessary shots/vaccinations, is fixed, and has a clean bill of health. some kittens are on the nervous side, if this is the case introduce your new kitten to one room of your house for the first night and then allow it to explore the next morning, however most kittens adjust quickly. socialize your kitten! this is probably the most important thing, you can do. pet it, groom it, play with it. when your petting your kitten rub its paws and hold them so they get used to you doing that and you’ll have less of a problem trimming their nails. if it bites (which is normal in kittens) give it a plush toy right away that they can bite instead. give it quality food ( i recommend blue ) i personally think litter boxes with tops on them are more for the person than cat’s comfort and you should keep an open pan litter box ( i keep mine in the basement )
      i’m probably missing a few tips but really as long as you socialize and feed your cat and play with it your doing everything you can to give it the best home/life possible and you shouldn’t think too much into it!

      i also my cat likes toys that are like a wand attached to a string with feathers on the end! and toy mice that rattle!
      oh and the older your cat gets the more brushing even if you get a short hair they need! once a month should do the trick!

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