How to get a hedgehog with stubborn parents?

I really want a hedgehog but my parents keep saying no. I’m willing to buy the hedgehog and the food, supplies, everything! I did research and i’m being responsible. I have a cat and 2 dogs. We have had more pets than that so I don’t understand!

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    3 Responses to “How to get a hedgehog with stubborn parents?”

    1. CF_ Says:

      have you tried asking them why??

      here is a terrific link on how to convince parents to get a pet..

    2. Charles D. M. Says:

      I didn’t know hedgehog parents could be stubborn. Reading more I see your parents are … Well maybe they think you have enough pets. You didn’t mention if they are your pets and if or not you care for them.

    3. amy Says:

      Is it possible that they think hedgehogs are too dangerous? Maybe presenting them with some information about keeping hedgehogs as pets would help? You said you did your research, so use that knowledge to explain to your parents why you should be able to have one.

      You didn’t mention what other kind of pets you had. Another reason might be that they are not sure if you are ready for an exotic pet.

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