How can I help donate money through my photography?

I would love to help PAWS an organization in Kuwait that rescues animals from the streets and provides care and adoption services. I would like to help make enough money to buy the supplies they need such as dog/cat food, litter, collars, toys etc…through my photography. It’s too late to make a calender. What should I do instead? Please I need ideas!

Thanks! xxx

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    One Response to “How can I help donate money through my photography?”

    1. Leroy K Says:

      There are any number of ongoing things but for something like this, I might suggest a one-time (or recurring) event like arranging for going and taking pet portraits in people’s homes with proceeds going to the organization you mention. Be sure to have promotional material about the organization to give to the pet owners to gain some credibility that you are actually donating to the money.

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