Cheap cat supplies (i.e. beds, litter boxes, etc)?

I am buying this for my foster cats and yes I am putting some of my other cats unused expensive beds. The fosters are a kitten and 2 adult cats, they are only staying for less then a month, so I really don’t need it after they leave (I am giving it to the shelter after). So does anyone know any websites that sell cheap cat supplies? Like beds, litter boxes, food bowls, toys, etc.

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5 Responses to “Cheap cat supplies (i.e. beds, litter boxes, etc)?”

  1. Very General Says:

    Go to thrift stores and get storage boxes or dish washing pansbthat will double as litter boxes. Children’s plastic bowls can be used as food and water dishes.

  2. You Coveted My Icecream Bar.... Says:

    that stuff is usually overpriced…old pillows in a box,and regular bowls work best…i do suggest a good litter box though…

  3. Lesa Says:

    There is the general dollar stores that have very inexpensive supplies for cats and kittens I have 2 cats and 4 kittens and that is the best place for me also petsmart has a large supply and they also have a card like kroger or cvs that can help with the prices.

  4. Bunny Says:

    You might get lucky and find some supplies second hand…at a resale shop or garage sale.

  5. teresaannburr Says:

    Yes! short for doctors foster and smith .com. they have everytihing, even advantage, medications. check out their website.

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