can I use Frontline that is made for dogs on my cat?

I have an extra supply of frontline for my dog and none for my cat. I was wondering if it was okay to use this frontline on my cat, in a smaller dosage of course because my cat is smaller than my dog. thanks!

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14 Responses to “can I use Frontline that is made for dogs on my cat?”

  1. amy r Says:

    no! the chemical make up of the frontline is different for cats and dogs.

  2. Frodo Says:

    The box says specifically not to use it on cats…so i wouldn’t. Especially if you have a medium to large dog….the sheer amount could seriously hurt your cat.

  3. babygurl Says:

    Nope..your cats skin is much more sensitive thn the dogs so it would harm ur cat

  4. vicksta1984 Says:

    I wouldn’t, what if it got sick or died. You should use medication that are for cats for cats, nothing else. You wouldn’t take medicine that wasn’t prescribed for you, would you?

  5. gaelicprincess79 Says:

    NO! you can not put anything on your cat if it says for a dog. cats lick themselves to clean their bodies. you have to be careful or you may make your cat very sick or worse…

  6. clovicat Says:

    Only if you are prepared to take your cat to the emergency clinic for a reaction! NEVER use dog treatments on cats. Cats are not small dogs, they have a different metabolism for certain chemicals.

    Get the frontline for cats from your vet. Or better yet, get Revolution, as this protects against heartworm too.

  7. Ashley Says:

    You can use dog advantage on cats. Buy the largest size and you can distribute it with a syringe to get the proper dosage. I know for certain that it’s okay because I’m a vet tech and our vets let some people know (cat rescue and people that are in financial distress).

  8. chadtripper Says:


  9. Laurie S Says:

    No, the Frontline and all flea/tick products are made specifically for dogs, and a line of products for cats, for a reason! Do not use it, even in a smaller dosage. I know it costs money but it’ll be worth it instead of the worst scenario of having your cat get very ill and possibly have a reaction to that dosage and all and die!! PLEASE DON’T! Great though that you care to put stuff on them with the warmer weather here and all, just make sure it’s the right stuff for your cat!!!:)

  10. kellbell Says:

    I would not use a product on a cat that was designed for a dog. It may poison the cat. You need to also make sure the cat has the proper dosage for its weight.

  11. jess4rsake Says:

    Many medications that are good for dogs are bad for cats. Please consult with your veterinarian before giving your cat ANY kind of medication sold over the counter. Cats nutritional needs are very different from those of dogs. Based upon that, the cat will require a product made specifically for CATS.

  12. Karen H Says:

    I would normally say no, but I’ve used it on my cats for years. A vet told me that in this case there was no difference and it’s cheaper this way if you have a lot of cats. Read the amount of ingredients on the boxes, I think they are identical. I was told to use .5 cc on each cat and they’ve never had any kind of bad reaction. If a vet hadn’t suggested it, I would never have attempted it.

  13. monkey Says:

    no dont even go there my mate did and the cat nearly died. its ok now luckly.

  14. Sherry S Says:

    Yes, you can if it’s actual Frontline Plus purchased at your vet!! You can use .5 cc’s, no matter how much the cat weighs. I’ve done it for years. Stay away from Hartz and other over the counter store brands. They are harmful! And do not use any other flea product such as flea collars, powder, shampoo when using Frontline.

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