Is inhaling cat litter fumes bad for your health?

My computer is in the same room as my cat’s litter box.
May sound gross but, is inhaling the smell of litter and cat poop bad for your health?

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6 Responses to “Is inhaling cat litter fumes bad for your health?”

  1. Spork Says:

    The fumes/smell aren’t bad but clay cat litter dust is bad. It contains silica, if you breath it in you can get sick.

    I learned this in ceramics class. We had to clean the tables with wet sponges, not dusting, no sweeping because that puts silica dust in the air.

    Dust is bad for your computer too, it will clogs up you fans than your computer will over heat.


  2. Nightstar Says:

    Just the fumes in the same room- no, it shouldn’t really be, though it might drive you crazy from the smell after awhile.

    I know that usually the box says pregnant women should not handle the cat litter, but that’s mainly because the cat feces can contain the harmful stuff, not the litter itself.

    You should be fine- I wouldn’t suggest inhaling them right there, though, or you might sneeze from getting litter and dust up your nose. 😉

  3. key-bored Says:

    i don’t know but it doesn’t sound nice!

  4. moochi Says:

    Our litter boxes are also in our computer room all four of them. No it isn’t dangerous. The dangerous part is inhaling the dust when changing the boxes. The smell of cat poop is disgusting but not dangerous. Always wash hands after cleaning or changing boxes due to Toxis Plasmosis a disease you get by putting your hands in your mouth after handling the boxes.
    Why did we put the boxes there anyway? My answer is a small house!

  5. thedivineoomba Says:

    As long as you keep a clean litter box, it shouldn’t matter.

    Also, I would also look at a dust free litter or low dust. Dust gets kicked up every time your cat uses the box and with it, bacteria and other chemicals. Also, dust isn’t all that good, clean or otherwise for computers.

    Most of the wood, paper and corn based litters are dust free. Most clay litters kick off dust.

  6. Upnorthgal40 Says:

    The only thing harmful is cat litter dust which occurs when cat litter breaks down after awhile since it is clay based unless you can afford the more expensive non clay based types.

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