What's the least stressful way to transport a cat to the vets?

She gets way too stressed in a cat carrier and the vet visit is just a simple nail trim so I don’t want to get her too stressed. I have a cat leash and harness but she is unbelievably squirmy, she’ll just jump out of my arms if I try to carry her without a cage. Will I have to use the carrier or is there a better way?

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13 Responses to “What's the least stressful way to transport a cat to the vets?”

  1. jck Says:

    Please please please always use a carrier when you take your cat in a car. If you had to hit the brakes quickly, the cat could go flying into the windshield or dashboard and be seriously injured. Although you can’t do it for this trip, you can try to get her used to traveling in the car so she’s ready for the next vet trip.

    I left my carrier out on the floor with a soft mat and a tshirt I’d worn in it. The cat started to use it as a place to hide or take a nap.

    Next I put the cat in the carrier, set it in the back seat of the car and sat there awhile. Then I came back in the house and let her out. After she was comfortable with that, we did short trips around the block and home. I also took her to a quiet pet store (Petco is too loud). She doesn’t associate the carrier with the vet (yeah!) and now is a good traveler. This summer we took a 3hr drive and she just curled up in the back and slept.

    Your vet can also show you how to trim her claws. My cat was pretty squirmy to start but over time she’s gotten used to it and just hangs loose while her claws are clipped. I made a big deal of being all done, how she was a good kitty and rewarded her with a treat afterwards. Now, once the last one is done she looks at me as if to say ‘Well? Where is it?!"

  2. T/SHII3 Says:

    Definetly use a carrier unless u want to cat to go walkies! Try putting some food in the cage/carrier you put the cat in.. It’ll take its mind of things….Hope this helps =]

  3. Kitty Says:

    Maybe try having someone wrap her in a towel and hold her till you get there, could be hard but i think she may feel safest like that.

  4. tiffy-xo Says:

    Try having her in the back seat and try to just calm her down have a blanket under her to make it more comfortable for her and in case there are any accidents, and make sure someone is sitting with her the leash is a good idea even if she has the whole back seat just as a precation. I took my dog on a 2hour car ride after he had a 4hour flight and this is what I did for him, or you can put her in the carrier in the backseat with it open as she may not feel as scared if she is not enclosed.

  5. maco c Says:

    Transport her in a cage, with a towel draped over it.

  6. punk_rawk_grrl Says:

    Please do NOT take the suggestions given of having the cat in a car not in a carrier. Should the cat get spooked and start jumping around the car you could crash the car – killing yourself and the cat.

    A secure plastic carrier with front gate is the safest way to transport your cat. Put a nice snuggly small blanket in there for your cat. I put my blanket in the dryer for a few minutes so it’s nice and toasty warm. Do NOT use one of these cutesy cloth carriers as cats can easily get out of them and again, end up with one or both of you injured – or worse.

  7. Saved by Grace Says:

    Personally, I’d drop back & punt, but the car carrier IS the best idea. Please excuse my feeble attempt at humor, but I don’t care for felines.

  8. Aj Says:

    All I do to transport my cat is put her blanket in then I put her in the transport cage, then put her fave toys in with her. Most of the time she does pretty good. And her vet is nearly an hour away.

    Possibly even taking her for trips down the road in the car once a week might ease her, she will get used to the car and not be so scared any more. Pets are only scared of what they are not used to.

    Hope this helps, good luck.

  9. Loz Says:

    You definitely need to use the cat carrier. Try putting her in and draping a towel or blanket over it- leave her to settle for a little while before moving the carrier into the car.

    Under no circumstances should you just carry her- she’ll almost certainly get away from you, and in any case, most vet clinics insist on all cats being in a carrier before they are brought into the clinic.

  10. kristen m Says:

    i leave my cat carrier on the ground open at home and make it all comfortable inside, this way my cat frequently runs in there when hes "going wild" and thinks hes hiding. it makes him more comfortable to travel in it because he doesnt just associate with vet time. maybe put a blanket in it or food and see if ur cat will hang out in it at home. but if ur cat is squirmy and u dont have time to get him used to the carrier i would just put him in there, its better then him getting away

  11. chapes Says:

    carrier is the best and safest way to transport her. while in the car play soft music, that should, somewhat, quite her down.

  12. nickie g Says:

    there is a better way altogether…look in your area for a "housecall vet"…they are out there…i work for one and know of many others. there are so many benefits!!! less stress for the cat, less stress for you, no other animals in a waiting room, no dogs barking, no weird smells, one on one attention from the vet, the list goes on! generally, this is not much more than a "regular vet" cost wise…good luck 🙂

  13. rebble1985 Says:

    well the less stressful way i found to take my cats to the vet is put them in a blanket if u have someone with u to hold the cat just put them in a towl or blanket and look at them while ur going down the road and love on them and pet them. but u could also used a cat carrier but warning ur cat will get more scared that way. now u said that ur cat gets real squirmmy well heres wut u do put ur cat in a towl or blanket because they cant get out of it if u wrap it up right . hope that helps take care

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