What is the best way to get your cat into its carrier. Mine hates any enclosed space.?

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    11 Responses to “What is the best way to get your cat into its carrier. Mine hates any enclosed space.?”

    1. butterscotchx2 Says:

      First try tossing in his favorite treat. That doesn’t work, grab a (large and thick) towel, sneak up from behind and swoop him up in the towel, keeping his feet tangled in it to help prevent escape, then shove him in fast. Don’t worry about getting the towel out, just shove them both. He will get out of towel in there instantaneously, will not get hurt, and you’ll have the towel when you take him out of it. Ignore loud pitiful meows in the car. He is not hurt or suffering despite what it sounds like. He’s just both pissed and scared. Ignore that, like you would a three yr old temper tantrum. Turn up the radio.

    2. <>< Says:


    3. hbkittykat Says:

      Put the favorite treat into it first – waarm blanket that comes off it’s bed – make it as comfy as possible then – I hate to say it but sometimes it has to be done – SHOVE. Don’t get scratched…

    4. dementors_suck Says:

      Put the carrier out several days before the trip to the vet (or wherever you’re taking your cat). Let the cat get used to it around. You’ll find that the cat will play around it and possibly in it. If you lay down towels inside, your cat may even sleep in it. Then your cat won’t have an adversion to it when it’s time for the trip.

    5. spinelli_1999 Says:

      Leave it out for a few days is an excellent way to get the cat use to it.

      If you have a hard time getting the cat into the carrier when it is time to go, try putting it in butt first with paws pressed against body. This should minimize scratches and fighting.

    6. katylee86 Says:

      they say cats are not trainable but if you have it out and give it a treat everytime it goes in the little cutie will learn to go in!

    7. ttikki2001 Says:

      That’s what I did to have my cat used to it.
      1)Carrier with a towel, so the cat even out of curiosity goes there + even sleeps.
      2) Once indise, lock the door and let her inside for 10-15-20 minutes
      3) In order to get her for the vet, approach the cat from behind, catch with your hand her front paws and press them to her body ( this will prohibid cat to turn and hang at your …shoulder!), push the cat into the carrier. Easier if you have the carrier high, on a table… Take it there half an hour before you need to get the cat to the vet. Otherwise she will understand what’s all about and maybe she will hide.

    8. 6TwistedWhiskers Says:

      One way is to set the carrier up on it’s end — door open. Hold cat in such a way that one hand has his back legs together and the other hand has his front legs together. Lower him gently into the carrier — back end first.

      Another way is to simply wrap him entirely in a towel – head, legs and all — and put towel and cat in carrier.

      When you don’t need to take him somewhere right away, you may want to leave the carrier out a few days at a time with his favorite treat or toy inside and make it comfortable so he is tempted to crawl in to snooze. Put it away after a few days so that he is not shut up in it at all. Later, do it again. Let him learn that a carrier doesn’t ALWAYS mean a trip to the vet and that good things can be connected with it.

      One of my cats loves a carrier so much that’s he’s in it as soon as the door is opened. If I need to use it for one of the other cats, I have to coax Rascal out.

    9. steven_erika Says:

      cover your cats eyes, hold him and then toss him in by surprise. but you have to gradually cover his eyes from time to time, so he gets use to it, and doesn’t associate you covering his eyes only with being tossed into the cage.

    10. Vickie Says:

      Back him in, they can’t see where they are going. I would never get my cat in a carrier if he could see it. You may have to turn the entrance facing up and lower him in backwards.

    11. heidibel Says:

      Get a box that opens from the top. It’s easier to put them in that way.

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