Snoozer Roll Around Pet Carrier – 4 in 1

Snoozer Roll Around @ www.Precious-Pets-Paradise.com. This Snoozer Roll Around Pet Carrier is the ultimate traveling solution. This 4 in 1 pet carrier lets you take your pet almost anywhere you go by wheeled pet carrier, backpack pet carrier, pet car seat or pet bed.

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    5 Responses to “Snoozer Roll Around Pet Carrier – 4 in 1”

    1. jaysuntomme Says:

      I agree with DanceLilly69. This a really good carrier. We? use it for a car seat most of the time. We also got it from PPP.

    2. titaniumroots Says:


    3. moonbreezes Says:

      Medium no longer complies with most? Airline standards; too big. 🙁

    4. PurdyBear1 Says:

      Looks like a great? carrier. It doesnt cover the UK airline standards, as I think you have to have a hard carrier.

      Its just a shame it doesnst come in my dogs size, but then I cant carry a dog that weighs 21 kg.

    5. vidgirl4444 Says:

      I got a chihuahua! She has 4 bags but sometimes its a bit heavy when and hurts my shoulders this might be the answers to my prayers!!!? I take her for walks but in malls and subways and bus they dont allow dogs but this will help me.

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