Is there a travel service that will let my take my cat?

I need to get from Philadelphia PA to Buffalo NY in a few weeks with my cat. I’m willing to go by train or bus or plane if necessary, but i can’t find tickets under 0, so probably not plane. Amtrak, megabus, and greyhound don’t allow animals that aren’t service animals. Does anyone know of a bus or train service that will allow me to take my cat? In a carrier obviously…

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    3 Responses to “Is there a travel service that will let my take my cat?”

    1. Kirsten R Says:

      I know you can fly with a pet on Midwest Airlines. Some airlines will allow you to ship a pet even if you aren’t flying. I checked with Midwest one time and it turned out more expensive to ship the dog alone than to fly with him, but it was a large dog so you might fare better with a cat.

      I didn’t find any buses or trains.

      I think your best bet would be a rental car. I believe its about 400 miles and 6.5 hours between the two.

      And next best would be to save up and fly. I’ve gotten round trip tickets from Missouri to Florida and from Missouri to Maine for under $200. You just have to be willing to fly red-eye, make a connection, and/or plan far enough ahead. But they will probably still charge a fee for kitty. On Midwest it’s $75 each way for in-cabin and $100 in the special pet compartment (which is pressurized, climate controlled, and separate from luggage).

    2. evilittlevixen Says:

      sometimes if ur really nice to them they will let you take an animal if you pay a child fare for them

    3. The Lizard Lady Says:

      get the yellow pages and call around…good luck

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