How to put cat in cat carrier?

How to get cat to go in the cat transportion box?

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    6 Responses to “How to put cat in cat carrier?”

    1. chiara Says:

      With difficulty! I have this problem when taking the cat to the vet. However, when the vet has finished the examination my cat gets into the carrier very quickly, on her own.

      Woof has given you the correct answer.

    2. woof Says:

      Put the box vertical (so the open door is on top), pick up cat, lower cat into box.

    3. garyr32000 Says:

      i make sure the carrier door is open and hide it behind another door. i then pick up the cat and he thinks i am just carrying him around. i then open the door between rooms and place him in the carrier before he knows whats going on. seems to work well

    4. Sara Spikers Says:

      put some kinda treat in there or play with it and through the toy in there and he might go to get it well that’s what my cat does

    5. Dude24 Says:

      I put the carrier upright (vertical) and lower my cat into it.

      @Chiara, I know exactly what you mean! It’s a battle to get the cat in the carrier, but once at the vet after he’s done, she willingly goes back into the carrier asap!

    6. K. Darling Says:

      I leave my cat carrier accessible to my cat all the time & have done so since he’s a kitten. If you help them get used to it they won’t be terrified of it. My cat isn’t super crazy about his carrier, but it’s no trouble getting him into it.

      That being said, I used to have a cat that always got stressed when I’d take her places. I would get her into the bathroom so she couldn’t run off anywhere and basically force her in. I would also put an old towel at the bottom so that way it would absorb any urine, since she would pee half the time and to make it a little more comfortable.

      If your cat is really resistant and scratches or bites when you try to get it in, I would throw a towel over it, grab the cat, and put it in the carrier really quickly.

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