How do you get a cat out from under a bed?

So my friend went on vacation and i am taking care of her cat. She cam out of her cat carrier and she sniffed around and she seem ed to like it there then she went under the bed and i can’t get her out! i tried treats her food and even trying to pick her up nothing works! Do any of you no something that I can do?

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    9 Responses to “How do you get a cat out from under a bed?”

    1. cheyenne Says:

      No…please don’t spray anything.no offense to the answerer.But there is a better way.And while this wont make her sick you have to get a broom handle and extend it under the bed against the wall not her…Push it as far up as it will go rattle it a bit and she should leave from under there,But she may find refuge else where.But shut that door so she wont be able to get back in there.It may sound dumb but it works.Possibly later she will come out for coffee and calm down.It helps if you’re calm.Cats are sensitive and quiet creatures.They don’t respond to well to noise.Play some classical music.If you can.I hope it helps poor baby cat.Leave her food and milk out.

    2. ocularnervosa Says:

      Let it be. When it calms down it will come out to eat.

    3. Laurie Says:

      Get a broom or something and hit her with it until she gets out or lead her to the side and then she will probley get out or try Grabbing her.

    4. kitty in the sink Says:

      Don’t give her treats. She’s just scared. She’ll come out when she’s hungry.


    5. cuddles Says:

      your place is strange to her, she doesnt know whats going on….it wouldve been less stressful on the cat if she couldve stayed home and you go over there to take care of her…
      it may take her days to feel comfortable enough to come out from under the bed…just make sure there is food, fresh water and her litter box available, leave her alone and let her adjust in her own time..

    6. janie Says:

      Follow these instructions:
      (1). Go to bathroom
      (2). Wet papertowel
      (3). Roll wet paper towel until it’s water is out
      (4). Go to bedroom
      (5). Duck so you can see the cat
      (6). Throw paper towel at her.
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    7. ?Lauren Says:

      Hairdryer, cats dont like loud noises or having their face blown, dont get too close tho

    8. Canadian kitty Says:

      Leave her. I know a cat who was like that and in all my experiences the cats were nice kitties so they came out eventually once they warmed up. If it’s a mean cat, well even the 1 mean cat kinda warmed up to me. Don’t push it, or else she’ll want to stay under even more. Let her come to you. She’ll probably get out and eat and use the litter box without you even knowing it!

    9. Amy L. Says:

      Get a can of hairspray and spray it nearby (not at her though!). I had a cat once who ran a mile whenever I got the can of hairspray out. I think they hate the hissing sound.

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