How do i get my nervous jumpy cat in his pet carrier to take him to the vet?

He has claws so i don’t want to get scratched or worse. His instinct is to flee.

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    20 Responses to “How do i get my nervous jumpy cat in his pet carrier to take him to the vet?”

    1. Lyndee Says:

      You have many good ideas already. But here is what I do: Place the cat carrier on the floor. Put two old towels and fold them so that they fit in the cat carrier just fine. Then place a particular toy or treat inside it. He may go in and investigate what is in there. Once he does, shut the door tightly. Seeing how you have a nervous jumpy cat, the towels will catch any urine or feces he may leave in there, which will make your carrier easier to clean.

      If this fails, and he doesn’t investigate what is in that, you can do one of two things. Put a towel on top of him and carry him quickly into the carrier or you can buy cat sedatives that vets give to calm down pets when there is a storm or something traumatic. If all else fails, then you can pick him up by the back of his neck and put him in the carrier. By doing this, it will remind him of how his mother used to carry him when he was a kitten.

      If none of these things work, call the vet and explain your situation. Some vets will come to your home, and some of them will provide you with some medication to give him that will calm him down, and you go pick it up.

      Good luck to you! I hope I was helpful.
      Pets can be wonderful friends and companions for us humans to enjoy most of our lives.

    2. sexy_amy1887 Says:

      take the scratching…dont be a baby

    3. sar Says:

      give him a sedative

    4. Harold T Says:

      like i do throw a towel over him push him in

    5. Tweakers Says:

      Mine do the same thing, but they can’t resist a cozy spot. Leave the carrier out for about an hour before it’s time to leave, and put some of their favorite food inside and then ignore it. Before long they’ll jump in just to inspect things and then YOU"VE GOT THEM!!!! Mwhahahahahahaha! Ahem. Good luck.

    6. sgrjackson1 Says:

      put on a winter coat to shield you against the scratching. I’d throw a pillowcase or blanket over it and gather the cat up, then dump it in the carrier before it knows what’s going on.

    7. ~Bren~ Says:

      put a towel over him and then drop him in the carrier. Remove towel and deal with the scratching.. Good Luck!!

    8. aam112 Says:

      Put a little bit of catnip in there.. not a lot though because there won’t be enough room to enjoy it.. atleast the scent of the catnip can get him in there

    9. rhiannon2797 Says:

      wear gloves, but you’re just going to have to shove him in there. my cat is my baby but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    10. ASHESLYNN812 Says:

      I stand the pet carrier upright. Then I take my cat and put her in like that and just shut and lock the door. Then set the carrier down the way it should be. It works for me everytime. Hope this helps.

    11. karen_renay Says:

      I used to work for a vet and here’s what we did. Turn the carrier up so the door is on top. Take the cat by the scruff of the neck, he will be "paralysed" and lower him into the carrier and close the door. EASY! and no scratches!

    12. Kristen A Says:

      Drugs, some nice big green catnip…sprinkle it in and then leave it alone. It might take you awhile, but eventually curiosity will kick in.

    13. Princess Says:

      Back your cat into the Carrier, stand up the Carrier and put it over him, you could just cover its eyes and push him in. When all else fails, put food and water in there days before you have to put him in and let him walk in there on his own.

    14. Miami Star Says:

      my cats do not like it either. what i do is place the carrier with its butt end on a chair. I gently drop the cat in the opening which is facing up and quickly close the door of the carrier.

    15. lissa Says:

      Put a can of his favorite food in the carrier. Dont feed him at all that day and so when he see’s the food, he will rush into the carrier. You also could "pretend" that you are just going to pet him and hold him….then quickly put him in the carrier.

    16. Sydney C Says:

      do wat i do do NOT tell him that u 2 r goin 2 the vet just pick him up hold him for a few minutes then put him in then PRESTO MOMENTO

    17. Library Eyes Says:

      open the pet carrier and leave it on the floor somewhere in the house for a few hours before the appointment
      add one of the cat toys
      leash the cat and throw him in and slam the door.

    18. Lisa H Says:

      Cancel the vet appointment. It’s just not gonna happen.

    19. tlsossei Says:

      Put the carrier on the floor with something familiar inside. I typically use a shirt or something from the dirty laundry that has our smell on it. Our cats will typically go inside their carriers to investigate as soon as we put the carriers down. You may try taking him to somewhere other than the vet, such as PetSmart, that way he doesn’t associate the carrier with something unpleasant.

    20. twerp Says:

      O.K. first, you should dress for the occassion if you don’t want to get scratched. Then, what I do is tilt the carrier to where it stands upright with the door open and facing you. Then place one hand behing their front legs and with the other hand, gently grab their back legs and hold them together. Place the back feet in the carrier first until the cat is below the door. Close the door, and gently set the carrier to its normal position. I have several stubborn cats, and this way works every time. Good luck!

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