Hide, Perch and Go Cat Carrier

The Hide, Perch & Go Box provides a cat with the: Separation of functional areas for eating, sleeping and more Choice in temperature (cats are sensitive to even slight changes) Opportunity for a wide range of behavior (hiding, perching, jumping) Choice of viewing points of her surroundings Ability to be surrounded by her own scent inside the box Ability to mark with scratching and face-rubbing The Results When Implemented at the BC SPCA • Increased adoptions (by 30%) • Shorter pre-adoption time (6 days compared to 13) • Reduced rates of sickness and euthanasia (15% decrease in illness) • Improvement of general welfare with daily monitoring of cats in the shelter by volunteers and staff • Increased satisfaction of adopters using the box to transition cats to the new environment

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    4 Responses to “Hide, Perch and Go Cat Carrier”

    1. carlyflower99 Says:


    2. jgoldpac Says:

      Great? product!

    3. LeeCountyClowder Says:

      Nice product. We’ve got a couple kitties might think it cool even with a home.

      But we’re having problems finding where we can order it.

      Is this just available? through shelters, or can anyone buy it?

    4. aattura Says:

      GREAT? idea!! This CAN help reduce the incidence of (or vulnearbility to) URI’s in your shelter kitties!! THIS can easily mean FEWER kitties PTS becuz of a simple URI!!

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