Good cat carrier to bring kitten home?

Hello I am getting a kitten and will be buying a new carrier if possible what do you reccomened and give links if you can. I already have a ton of kennels. But I Want to see better ones

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    4 Responses to “Good cat carrier to bring kitten home?”

    1. Maria Costa Says:

      A good small or medium size plastic carrier (kennel) should do. The soft ones are ok for small animals but as the cat gets older and heavier he’ll need one with a firm bottom. Make sure you always have blankets or towels in the carrier when transporting animals to cushion them during the trip. I also find that if you put one of your used t-shirts or other clothing in the carrier that will comfort and calm the kitty while in transit.

    2. CommonSense Says:

      Good grief, it’s just a kitten! How often do you expect to be transporting it? For that matter, you can transport it home in a cardboard box! I promise, the cat won’t be offended.

    3. Loves Doctor Who Says:

      Cardboard boxes work just fine,but if you really need a carrier try to avoid wire ones.Woven (basket) styles and the plastic ones work just fine.You just have to remember to put a towel in the bottom of them though in case if the kitty has an accident,and just so it has something soft.I hope this helped and good luck!

    4. 0NE TRlCK P0NY ? Says:

      We adopted our kitten at 3 weeks of age when it’s mother and sibling died of starvation in a locked utility shed.
      The cat came home in the pocket of my son’s shirt. We had taken a shoebox for the trip but we were advised to keep the kitten warm and we had a 2 hour car trip to consider.

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