Cat carrier help please 10 points to first answer (as long as it's good lol)?

I am getting my new 9 month old cat/kitten from the animal shelter this saturday and i’m really excited. I have been very lonely since my old cat died from cancer last month, and I want to fill the gap in my heart. When I adopted my first cat, I got this cat carrier from the same shelter, which was one of those very strong plastic ones, with a metal door/gate kinda thing. My first cat peed in it, because she was scared on the way home. That was my first cat and I was only 8 years old, and I was so stupid I bought this fur cuddly soft blanket to make her comfy and she ruined it LOL.
It was this one: http://www.argos.co.uk/wcsstore/argos/images/8702393A66UC283058M.jpg

I also have a wicker one, with a round top, like an arch. Which do you think a cat would preffer? I’m thinking that the plastic one would be easyer to clean incase of any ‘accidents’. What do you line your cat carriers with? Some people use newspaper, but It’s very very cold here in england, i think its like 2° or something close. Anyways what should I put in the cage? Newspaper and what to keep him warm? He’s still quite little.

(btw im 13 and a quarter)

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    7 Responses to “Cat carrier help please 10 points to first answer (as long as it's good lol)?”

    1. levdubya Says:

      Definitely use the sturdy plastic carrier. There are many things you can use for lining the carrier. I’m not sure if you can find these in your area, but my favorite thing to use is called a "Purr Pad". Here is a link so you can see what they are: http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=1382&cmpid=02csegb&ref=3312&subref=AA&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=0004123000000

      The pad will be bigger than the bottom of the carrier, but that’s good because it can wrap up the sides a little to make a cozy little nest.

      If you can’t find a Purr Pad, then use an old towel or blanket folded into the appropriate shape. It’s best to use something washable (or that you don’t mind throwing out) just in case there are any accidents.

      You might want to throw in an extra smaller towel that he can use like a nesting material.

      Hope this helps, and congratulations on your new kitty!

    2. you_stupid_fiend Says:

      I would use an old towel to line the carrier. That way if there is a mess, you won’t have to worry about it and it will still be warmer. I would also go with the plastic, just because it is a little more durable. I don’t know about in England, but I know over here in the US, most shelters prefer you to bring a plastic one. And you’re right, the plastic one may be easier to clean if need be. You can also bring another towel to cover him up with.

    3. Felicia Says:

      I would put some old towels at the bottom of the plastic carrier. I do that for my cats. That way, if they throw up or go to the bathroom in the carrier, I can just throw the old towel away. Its great that you’re getting the kitty from the shelter 🙂

    4. Ocimom Says:

      I’d rather use a sturdy plastic one for security/safety. I have towels or a small rug in my carriers. Also you might want to put an extra towel over the top to keep any cold air from blowing in there.

    5. Kia Says:

      Take an old towel with you to pick her up and let her litter mates/shelter mates play with it and lay on it. It will get their scent on it and make it a source of comfort for your kitty. Also i would get a hard plastic carrier, it is more sturdy for your cats safety, especially if (god forbid) you get into an accident or something. The towel will also give her something to cuddle up against and stay warm on the trip home. Good luck!!!!

    6. jue7rc Says:

      If you can afford a new one, it is much easier to put a cat into a carrier from the top rather than try to push it in through the front. Pets at Home do some reasonable ones with top openings. If you cant afford a new one then probably the plastic one will be better. Give it a good clean and allow it to dry thoroughly before you collect your new cat. Line it with towels and when your cat is in it you should place another towel over the top as it will be less stressful for him and will also keep a bit of the heat in.

      Make absolutely sure that you do the carrier up properly – I have known several cats escape before even getting to their new home.

    7. Future Pet Vet Says:

      I would keep the plastic one. They are stronger carrying cases and easier to clean.
      You can line it with an old towel, or buy your a cat bed to put in it.And put warm water in water bottles. Cover the water bottle with a towel. And lay your new kitten near them. That is what I do.

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