Can a cat be a carrier of strep throat?

Out of 5 veterinarians only 1 said yes. My grandaughter got strep and was at my home before being diagnosed.My daughter-in -law seems to think my cat can reinfect her if not treated.I strongly disagree.

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    2 Responses to “Can a cat be a carrier of strep throat?”

    1. Bozema Says:

      No. I strongly doubt it. Strep is a bacterial infection spread rapidly among people from touching objects and each other (just like common colds, though they are viruses) and through the air. Potentially the cat can have the bacterial on it if an infected person touches it, but the cat won’t get it or be a carrier. The bacteria will only persist on the cat for a short time.

    2. monicalei Says:

      no, humans are the only resevoir. The bacteria will not affect cats, therefore they can not carry it.

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