Airline approved cat carrier?

Does anyone know where I can buy an airline approved cat carrier with the dimensions 20cmx20cmx40cm (roughly 16inx16inx8.3in)?
sorry im dumb, 40x40x21
im looking for specfic dimensions

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    6 Responses to “Airline approved cat carrier?”

    1. Shay p Says:


      The size of a cat carrier allowed on board, differs from company to company, if you give the company’s name I’ll tell you the size permitted, here is what Northwest airlines permits, " While on board the aircraft your pet must remain inside the carry-on kennel. This kennel should be large enough for your pet to fit comfortable inside with no part of the pet extending outside. The maximum size on Northwest is 17” x 12” x 8”. The maximum weight of your pet plus the kennel cannot exceed 15 pounds."
      I brought my G Sheppard from the USA to Israel, he flew in the heated compartment of the plane, we both arrived in one piece.

    2. ? Sh?jo-ai Says:

      Don’t they have them at PetCo or Petsmart?

      (http://www.petco.com or http://www.petsmart.com)

      I’m sure that your local chain pet store could direct you to one if you can’t find one there…

      Heck, I think that even Target sells one…

      Call your local pet stores and find out…

    3. knidvermicious81 Says:

      Try this website.


    4. ilvcountry2 Says:

      Sherpa carriers are what we usually suggest to the customer when they want to carry their pet on board the plane. If you are checking your pet in with your luggage you need a more sturdy carrier (kennel)

      1st link for Sherpa carriers-

      2nd link for travel for portable kennels

    5. jess Says:

      Check out MyHollywoodPets.com.
      Their pet carriers are very cute and airlines approved.


    6. KittyCondos Says:

      Please beware when purchasing an "Airline Approved" Pet carrier. Many major pet retailers and supply companies are guilty of falsly claiming a pet carrier is Airline Approved with out even knowing. I will list a page that will show you some of the most popular carriers that are listed as Airline approved and then it gives actual links to airline sites that show the exact same carrier as "will not be accepted",

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