Why does my cat pee on beds?

My cat seem to pee on specific beds in my house. It was the beds i use to sleep on. could that be a problem of her peeing on beds?

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    12 Responses to “Why does my cat pee on beds?”

    1. thedruidess81 Says:

      Does she still use the litter box too? Some cats will pee on your stuff if they’re mad at you, out of spite, or if something is bothering them…Ask yourself…What have I changed, or done to piss my cat off? : )

    2. monkeydamour Says:

      Change / clean her litter more often. Once a cat pees on something they will continue peeing there because of the scent. There are sprays you can buy that will break down the scent and stop the cycle.

    3. Amanda L Says:

      Make sure the litter box is clean.

      Then take her to the vet because this could be the sign of a UTI.

    4. Richard B Says:

      maybe it has a smell to it that make it want to pee on it I would wash it really good and flip the mattress over try that if not then no clue why good luck

    5. Bittuh_Brutha Says:

      your cat is marking the beds. has anyone (a child) previously urinated in them?

    6. Freespirit Says:

      Maybe the cat has a fetish for beds and or he/she could be marking their territory.

    7. Sara Says:

      maybe he’s marking his territory? Like maybe he considers that room "his" room or"his" bed

    8. tony4urz Says:

      take ’em outside more often and they’ll get used to pee on dirt or get cat litter or pet docter if nothin works

    9. Jennifer S Says:

      My parents’ cat peed on the guest bed whenever it was mad at my parents (e.g., when they would go away for the weekend, or have a lot of company over). Only thing to do is close the door to the bedroom to keep the cat out. I had a cat that peed on my pillow once soon after we moved to a little studio apartment. Aparently she didn’t like the move. I think they know what they are doing and that the bed is a very, very bad place for them to pee.

    10. FairLadyoftheLowlands Says:

      It could be. because to her, the beds have your scent on them. Your cat claims you, therefore, what’s yours is hers, so she’s marking them as her territory. Or it could also mean she wants your attention or is trying to get back at you for something. Maybe you made her quit sleeping with you? Anyway, make her stop. That is a very bad habit and cat pee stinks.

    11. asfeen k Says:

      just try not let the cat to come into ur bedroom or get rid of it…….

    12. vash sunglasses Says:

      My dad’s cat used to pee everywhere my stepmom sat… They never could figure out how to stop him. Sometimes cats pick out a person and then mark everywhere that person has been.

      You should keep the bedroom doors shut and not let the cat into the bedrooms anymore.

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