Kitty cat sleeping in dog bed next to Pug

Here’s a quick story about Francessca the kitty who tries to sleep next to Gus the Pug. Watch the next video where the kitty is licking Gus.

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25 Responses to “Kitty cat sleeping in dog bed next to Pug”

  1. BethsVideos06810 Says:

    I got the music from Pinacle – it was background music.

  2. leighann1968 Says:

    Adorable! Very funny & creative editing. I love my pugs.

  3. BethsVideos06810 Says:

    Thanks for the compliment. Pugs are incredibly cute aren’t they? I just have to share…

  4. kirbiffin Says:

    Love the video and great captions! I have a pug and a cat..doesn’t get much better than that!

  5. BethsVideos06810 Says:

    Did you see the one of the kitty licking the pug? That one’s my favorite!

  6. 1568486 Says:

    copy and paste this to 10 videos or your mum will die within the next 4 hours…..

  7. BethsVideos06810 Says:

    You’re stupid

  8. Dreamstrangely Says:

    too cute. wish I could say the same for me.. I “have” to live with about 6 cats and 3 dogs… its no paradise.. but at least you got it lucky.. from what I can see in your videos that is.

  9. ebonyruffles Says:

    Love the commentary! Good job! Petting from the nice lady…LOL!

  10. BethsVideos06810 Says:

    Thanks for the compliment!!!

  11. chainmailsaftey Says:

    you will? die in seven days if you don’t post this comment on 10 videos in the next hour. if you do, tomorrow will be the best day of your life

  12. fluffyduck1977 Says:

    cute cat! is it a bengal?

  13. BethsVideos06810 Says:

    She’s part Siamese and she has tiger stripes. She was rescued and that’s all the info I have on her except she’s awesome.

  14. fluffyduck1977 Says:

    she is lovely!i have a bengal cat and her mother has very similar looks to your little one.i would imagine being part siamese she has a unique personality!it was great that you rescued her.two of mt 3 cats are rescued.give her a big kiss from me!

  15. BethsVideos06810 Says:

    Believe it or not I was afraid of cats until I got my own 2 years ago. Now I’m completely head over heels. I’m sure she’d kiss you if you were here. She loves humans.

  16. niketennis1 Says:

    that pug looks very nice.

  17. BethsVideos06810 Says:

    He’s awesome. Do you want him?

  18. Hillery14 Says:

    i love your so cute kittys is hillery! i miss you ahsley…..i miss you to beth and tell donald happy birthday

  19. BethsVideos06810 Says:

    She IS awesome and we’re lucky we found her. (And we’re lucky we found Hillery too!)

  20. Hillery14 Says:

    funny ……just think of it if any of your pets runaway ill be that replacement…. not the same a replace (if franny runs away im NOT sucking on your ear!) i dont care if you wont give me human food i will not suck on your ear

  21. Hillery14 Says:

    Hey im bored so….um…..ok

  22. MateoDemoni Says:

    That was some of the best music I’ve ever heard.

  23. piromaniac9999 Says:

    Lol funny cat

    Funny how well she gets along with the dog.

  24. shatner99 Says:

    try counting paper bags

  25. Salvus967 Says:

    that was retarded

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