Home Made Cat Tower Cat Tree

I didn’t want to spend 0 on an ugly cat tree, so I built one myself. Here is a look at it with the cats playing on it. A write-up on the tower is at my website:

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23 Responses to “Home Made Cat Tower Cat Tree”

  1. oscarsanders07 Says:

    0:47 was that the other cat?!?!

  2. ettyx14123 Says:

    lol so cool thay must realy like you i have one tip maybe cet som catnip an make a swall bag out of cloth and put some cat nip in it then put stuffing in it and so the open side up so thears no gaps and atath it to some rope about one centermetre thick and put it on the cat tree pleas reply if you do and maybe make a vid ,i subed

  3. RawPleasureAustralia Says:

    This looks great! I want to make a scratching post for my cats today. I got loads of ideas from this. I tried to access your link but got a 404 error message. xx

  4. MachineAmbition Says:

    Why doesn’t my cat use its cat tree?


    cool cat house it helped me alot thanks. whats the name of the song?

  6. off2theright Says:

    Great effort nice result

  7. Alandlux Says:

    what is the name of this song?

  8. careboudreau Says:

    nice job with the tower!! I am in the process of building one, but i don’t think it’s stable enough yet so i need to keep working on it.

  9. Only4Russian Says:

    Wonderful job!

  10. catloverntx Says:

    I love it. You did an awesome job. I am in the process of building a two story one but who knows I may go higher now. Thanks for the great video and your cats are so cute!

  11. kurnous34 Says:

    definately spoiled rotten 😉

  12. ellyandmae Says:

    your black tabby cat is really pretty!!!

  13. Redrum4409 Says:

    Awesome job man your cats look really happy!

  14. agitpropartrox Says:

    lol the last thing i expected to hear in the background of a cat condo tutorial was korpiklaani..excellent choice in music and thanks for sharing your ideas! =)

  15. CITGProductions Says:

    I love american shorthairs and tuxs 🙂

  16. GiacomoKnox Says:

    LOL! Great video! The cats love it!

  17. churchmousie Says:

    @catCRAAAZY Well, I wouldn’t have put it quite -that- way; but I was thinking along similar lines. We thought about making our own cat tree, years ago; but could never decide on a design; plus my husband really didn’t have the time to devote to it. You can get nice, large cat trees prefabricated online for around $150 (including shipping). That’s the way we went. By the time you purchase wood, carpeting, sisal rope, etc. you probably wouldn’t save all that much $.

  18. cannister49622 Says:

    Wow….awesome job! I have watched this a several times and just now read the comments. I’m LOL because one of my FAV parts is the “pattern” you chose for the rope. I think it’s fantastic. VERY classy looking! Definitely MUCH better looking than the expensive Pet Store Chain ones! Two thumbs WAY up!!

  19. bhubba01 Says:

    Wow! I wish I were handy. That’s really cool.

  20. 1000TRA Says:

    Looks like allot of fun!

  21. Erik604 Says:

    Id play on that

  22. lancetop Says:

    Bravo to you for building such a cool tree for your kitty:) And you’re right, the ones for sale in stores are usually hideous~

  23. hamsterluver3 Says:

    OMG that cat tree is sooooooo pro. Mine is ugly cuz it doesnt have carpet on it o.O

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