Hidden Camera: Four Cats Home Alone!

I wondered what they did when I left them alone, so I set up a camera and went to the store. (Yes, I normally separate them when I leave because they are all turds!) We have two hammocks, two cat condos, two fluffy cat beds, a tube, and a hidey hole – and they all congregate and fight over the same space! Here’s the cast of characters: Zuli: instigating it all from under the hammock with the string. Notice she quiets down to watch the show once she gets them all riled up. Loki: Black cat on the top of the couch. Ky: swatting at Loki and then knocking the camera off frame with a head butt. Snowball: hiding/napping/avoiding the drama.

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25 Responses to “Hidden Camera: Four Cats Home Alone!”

  1. sk4fan Says:

    Hahah how funny…I’m geting two new ragdoll kittens this weekend…I think I’ll do that and see what they do when we’re not home 🙂

  2. kyzuli Says:

    Oh what fun! Be sure to post the vid’s 🙂

    Have you decided on names?

  3. sk4fan Says:

    I’m gonna post some vids as soon as possible…which means…as soon as I figure out how to work my new video cam haha.

    But their names will be Raja(boy) and Roxy(girl). I thought they went together good 🙂

  4. kyzuli Says:

    Very cute! I’ll be looking for the videos 🙂

  5. kolbelsky Says:

    Why diddent the cat push the camera on the floor…hehe

  6. glaringthrower Says:

    1:00 epic battle white cat v black cat.

  7. Cat919 Says:

    “They fight over the same space” It’s the window seat, obviously. If you have other windows that face trees or something, put up some beds up there. If not, why not build a nice cat tree with several levels so all the cats can bird watch all day. No more fighting – guaranteed (well, at least about that…).

  8. kyzuli Says:

    I’ve heard you need one more resource than cats (bed, food, litterbox, etc…) to avoid fighting. I’ve proven that theory wrong:)
    We have 3 window seats, 3 cat towers (each with 3 tiers and a cubby), 2 cat stairs (carpeted), 4 cat fluffy beds, 2 cat tubes, 8 litterboxs (inside, garage, upstairs and porch), and a screened in porch with seating for everyone. Even though we have “cat only” seating for about 30 cats, they all bunch up on the same spot. They also move as a herd. It’s funny to watch.

  9. in2b8ix2b8 Says:

    kyzuli: EXCUSE ME!!! How many cats did you say you have (at last count)? Do you know who Bob Barker is?

  10. OoYesIKnowOoYesIKnow Says:

    Well they certainly are hairy pussies.

  11. blondeisius Says:

    that white cat…is that a maine coon? it looks very similar to my cat with all the fluff. haha.

  12. Yasminna24 Says:

    I guess the white one is a Birman…

  13. Yasminna24 Says:

    Or ragdoll…

  14. blondeisius Says:

    i didnt know that ragdolls could get that big…or fluffy i should say

  15. Yasminna24 Says:

    I’ve seen lots of big Ragdolls/Birmans, and I see it has a “mask” and white paws, which is typically Ragdoll and Birman breed.. 🙂

  16. blondeisius Says:

    yeah, i see the “mask” of the face is similar to those breeds. im not sure which one though.

  17. FahlbergAfJesus Says:

    This war a really boring clip

  18. 4evalove95 Says:

    Haha, the white kitty is like NO that is my string, you can’t have XD lmao

  19. RmXQC Says:

    that became violent at the end

  20. RunRUp13 Says:

    Well that’s a minute 40 seconds of my life I’ll never get back….

  21. Jaynic2005 Says:

    life’s too short to be speaking such crap.. get a life

  22. seriall1337 Says:

    Reading your comment and writing this is 15 secs ill never get back.

  23. euphoria47 Says:

    i like how after having a scrap the two cats decide to wash themselves immediately

  24. maciekomis Says:

    i was hoping i would see was cat party…

  25. NauiBitchtl Says:

    So, you have 4 cats. Aren’t you glad they didn’t piss on the curtains?
    Not even couch shredding.

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