Funny Dog And Cat Fight For Bed

This dog want his own bed back.But the cat is not well willing.

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    25 Responses to “Funny Dog And Cat Fight For Bed”

    1. Tsquare28 Says:

      thx 4 the laugh. hilarious

    2. 4ndiland Says:

      cat win!
      look at that arrogant little brat! so regal!

    3. midoriuchiha1 Says:

      the whole time i was waiting for the dog to just sit on the cat xD

    4. josh21801 Says:

      poor cat lol!

    5. Rienei Says:

      the cat enjoyed it XD

    6. BboyNikRo69 Says:

      I hate cats , he should have kicked his ass 😀

    7. KoolDudester Says:

      That cat had the key position advantage in this fight which is why the cat won the fight. The Ref should have called it at :14 though, that kind of submission hold should be banned!!!

    8. dennis272719 Says:

      Look at 0:15, the dog kinda om-ed the cat xD
      So cute!

    9. sdeezay1 Says:

      I love it!

    10. XolisykeswifeX Says:

      i cant stop watching this video lolololol

    11. LilacZone Says:

      Oh funny! It’s almost like the cat is taunting the dog by not moving! I like this dog!!

    12. eukodol Says:

      And you know the cat got into the bed just to aggravate the dog.

    13. animefirefox1 Says:


    14. alexalexlive Says:

      That cat is like I’m goin no where ! XD

    15. hopeloves123 Says:

      cat always wins

    16. TheAnimeFreaq Says:

      höhö I should buy a cat!

    17. bokxybabee Says:

      very funny and interesting interaction!

    18. rock962000 Says:

      I hate those type of dogs.

    19. kaczan80 Says:

      @hopeloves123 not always. not a long ago my dog had a fight with a cat. and killed cat in about 2 seconds ..? so sometimes dogs also wins….

    20. supersalmonmaki Says:

      so cute! i used to have a dog like that, but he has passed away, 1 years ago.. :”(

    21. 20callenderslady Says:

      I just love the way kitty refuses to leave!

    22. LubashaStore Says:

      to @hopeloves123: If your dog killed the cat in 2 seconds your baby is next.

    23. LubashaStore Says:

      To @hopeloves123 If your dog killed the cat in 2 seconds, your baby is next.

    24. LubashaStore Says:

      To @hopeloves123 If your dog killed the cat in 2 seconds, your baby is next.

    25. 61karola Says:

      I love the way he tips the bed over at the end, he finally got the cat out 🙂

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