Do cats tend to sleep on cat beds or sleep on peoples beds?

Im getting a new cat on Sat. However i dont know if i should buy a cat bed or just see if it sleeps on peoples beds. It will sleep on my bed at nights with the door closed because my mom and dad go to work in the morning and leave the door open and the cat might leave or something.
So where does your cat sleep at? i have high drawers so it will have stuff to do at night.

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    11 Responses to “Do cats tend to sleep on cat beds or sleep on peoples beds?”

    1. Natalie G Says:

      Well when I got a kitten I bought her a cat bed, and I would not let her sleep on my bed just to prove I’m the master. However my friend also got a puppy so I let him borrow my cat bed until the puppy grew out of it. Unfortunately like all puppies it ripped up the bed…-.-
      Now my cat sleeps on my night stand, but if she wants something more plush she will sleep on my bed (rarely) or giant hippo plush I have. It just depends on your preference. If you don’t mind your cat sleeping on your bed for the rest of its life then don’t bother buying a cat bed. But in my opinion if any animal sleeps on your bed it seems like your spoiling them. I also own two dogs and my sister lets them sleep on the bed so now they act completely spoiled and lazy. Lazier than my cat….-.-

    2. Whatevers Says:

      You can get a cat bed if you like, the cat may take to it, or it may not. My cats will sleep where they want, a chair, a couch, in bed with me, in the closet, in the dryer if we leave it open with clothes in it, in a cage, on a dresser, in the car…

    3. K m Says:

      First see if it sleeps in your bed then if not get a bed

    4. Amie Banana Says:

      My cat has a cat bed, however he sleeps wherever he pleases. Hes 16, and pretty much sleeps all the time. Its honestly up to your cat. Some prefer cat bed, some dont. Cats do usually use their own bed for real sleeping, and then anhwhere for dozing.

    5. Rezzi Says:

      Cats will sleep wherever they please. You should get a cat bed just in case (a little cheap one will do) and put it somewhere like the top of your dresser, since some cats like to sleep higher up than other cats. It might choose to sleep on the bed when it’s comfortable with you, especially because people are warm and cats like to be cozy when they sleep. It really all depends on the cat. If it’s a huge concern, you can ask the people you’re getting the cat from if it likes being high up or likes to hide etc.

    6. kelleygaither2000 Says:

      Mine sleep on both..they even sometimes commendeer the dog beds.They sleep wherever the mood hits them.It’s been said,and it’s true,that a cat is a frail animal,prone to many illnesses,but insomnia has never been one of them! My cats never cease to amaze me with where,and in what screwed up positions,I find them sleeping in. My suggestion,and it’s just that,a suggestion,is if you want a cat to take to a bed,if it likes catnip(some do,some don’t,i’ve been owned by both),sprinkle catnip on the bed you want them to use.

    7. Brittany Says:

      To be honest, most cats I have saw sleep on their owners beds. My best friends two cats sleep on her bed but the one sleeps on a counter. Honestly, I think it may depend on the cats personality.

    8. Jiggs Says:

      I have 2 cats. Peanut doesn’t like cat beds, but Penelope does. Penelope would rather sleep in the bed with me. Peanut would rather sleep on the couch. I also got them a cat tree house. It keeps them occupied when they want to play.

    9. Wendy Says:

      My older cat likes to sleep on top of the fish tank, the light keeps her warm. My younger cat sleeps on his cat bed during the day time but most nights he sleeps on the foot of my bed.

    10. Smuag Says:

      Despite all the cat beds that I have bought, my cats favorite place to sleep in on top of a curio cabinet that is mounted 10 ft off the ground. Its incredible to watch her jump up there, but it also looks very uncomfortable for sleeping. Cats will be cats I guess, so don’t worry if your new cat doesn’t take to the bed. Petsmart has a pretty awesome refund policy so if you do purchase a bed just hang on to the receipt until you figure out if she will use it.

    11. Elaine M Says:

      Don’t waste money on a cat bed, they won’t use it unless they want to.

      What all cats pretty much like is a folded bath towel on the couch. But realistically they’ll sleep anywhere they feel like.

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