5 month old maine coon is making the bed

Zwingli our 5 month old male maine-coon helps us making the beds every morning. It’s fun watching him 🙂

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    25 Responses to “5 month old maine coon is making the bed”

    1. nataaa18 Says:

      lol love it :DDDD

    2. czar92 Says:


    3. JET997u Says:

      Maine Coon… the BEST cats.

    4. Rafikmen222 Says:

      aaahhh 😀 nice 😛

    5. LVasylP Says:

      OH MY GOD, my favourite beast does this too. Sometimes I throw the sheet over him and wait for him to move. He usually doesn’t. Alas, the bed is made later in the day.

    6. BabyJoffin Says:

      There must be something about Maine Coons and bed sheets!

      Our cat is exactly the same. He actually likes to climb inside the duvet cover, whilst I’m making it. Cuuuute!

    7. chriskelley1989 Says:

      omg, that is soo friggin cute, i want one now. all my cat does is sit around and eat all day >=

    8. Senjan Says:

      Maine coons are so adoreable. My uncle has one too!

    9. f0ggi Says:

      @chriskelley1989 maine coons tend to be real playful and kitten-like all through adulthood, unlike alot of other cats. ^ ^

    10. LadyAliara Says:

      He’s hunting the dreaded bed-mice.

    11. CajunBunnyLove Says:

      He’s so pretty, love his markings. Very adorable. <3

    12. 1911gnr Says:

      My mom had a Maine coon that looked just like him, super friendly cat, his name was Oliver after Oliver twist. He was 14 and healthy, but a neighborhood dog attacked him 🙁

    13. MaggotF0rLife Says:

      lol…I have a 4 to 5 year old Maine Coon. Still as playful as that.

    14. Zukhov1945 Says:

      nice hotties

    15. pattywolford Says:

      Zwingli (love the name!) is a very beautiful Maine Coon!

    16. rocketcunt Says:

      thats a kitten? Looks like a full grown cat 🙂

    17. RodrigoSidney Says:

      “Pull there that I will hold here” XD

    18. jennaboon Says:

      HA HA that’s what my two kitties do. Either that or they lay on the bed and refuse to let me make the bed, so I make it over them. I think it’s in tall Cat’s instruction books to play while their humans are making the bed. : D

    19. lonelysith66 Says:


    20. jadebarbara Says:

      can he dust?

    21. lisshumblegenius Says:

      so precious!!!

    22. AnimeYoukai911 Says:

      awww this reminds me of my maine coon!!!!!! she just turned 3 nd is quite large LOL so cute!

    23. harumomiji Says:

      my cat does that too! its sooo cute!

    24. daleclover Says:

      I Love Maine Coons

    25. crazybonescollector Says:

      our cat and all four kittens are maine coon and i should enter them in a compotition for the longest fluffyest tails.
      They also make a little *pirt* noise (Aka: squeak) and the kittens do it to

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