2/4 An Horse – Rearrange Beds + Jesus Loves An Horse @ Rifflandia, Victoria, BC 9/25/09

All Camera and Equipment Maintenance Fund donations gratefully accepted. (Paypal ID = 2/4 An Horse – Rearrange Beds + Jesus Loves An Horse @ Rifflandia,, Alix Goolden Hall, Victoria, BC 9/25/09

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14 Responses to “2/4 An Horse – Rearrange Beds + Jesus Loves An Horse @ Rifflandia, Victoria, BC 9/25/09”

  1. themeryljane Says:

    The combined, um, stage presence of Kate and Damon is the most adorable thing I’ve ever witnessed. I love them.

  2. brittany1747 Says:


  3. mj22787 Says:

    Kate just gets better looking all the time, doesn’t she?? 🙂

    Oh what i would give to go to one of the canadian shows they are playing with T&S! (i’ll find a way somehow…just need to find the time and money) 🙂

  4. xpressTIBETTE Says:

    AHAH I like the foot dance. Go kate.

  5. markbaluk Says:

    woot! canadian tour ROCKS. cannot wait. 😀

  6. sarahann008 Says:

    🙂 I used to go to uni with Kate, they are both so amazing, i hope the come back to Australia to tour.

  7. aulbry Says:

    hahahaaaaa i love KATE!!!! she brings out me giggles. i wish i could teleport to every single an horse show (same goes for my babehz(t&s)’s shows as well haha)

  8. DropOfRain03 Says:

    wait – is An Horse going on their US tour too? thanks! AWESOME VID!

  9. frazzledbean Says:

    victoria’s an island….aahahah! what a goon.

  10. katiemaecoleman Says:

    Kate looks dffrent I think it’s the haircut and the guitar… I don’t know she just looks mega clean…amazing…like always
    except more.

  11. BraveMeer Says:

    Kate Cooper’s hair ftw

  12. aablove14 Says:

    @DropOfRain03 not with Tegan and Sara, suck. they are touring with Kaki King in the U.S.

  13. aablove14 Says:

    Kate 🙂

  14. jgordon0 Says:

    saw them when they toured with tegan and sara, met them and Damon threw my glasses on for a photo! such cool people!

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